Head in the Clouds (remix) lyrics

[Verse 1:]
The drama started up in Heaven, chillin' when the phone rang
It was Saint Peter, he said get the heater
We have new angels, in their eyes I saw sin
They came to the gates and I wouldn't let 'em in
Homeland security's tighter up in Heaven
Ever since 9/11
Anyway, back to the phone call Saint Peter said
Motherfuckers bumrushed me, punched me in the head
Threw up gang signs, couldn't hear what was said
Took the keys, shot me, left me there for dead
Still breathin' but bleedin', bullets start to sting
Couldn't fly so I called the hospital of kings
Choir wanna solo, I will never sing
They tried to say the doctors had to amputate my wing
Took a spot, set up shop, selling dust to angels
We work hard for that, get the guns, it's time to tango [Chorus:]
Hey you get off my cloud
You don't know me and you don't know my style
Hey you get off my cloud
Try to take Heaven but I gotta give you hell
Hey you get off my cloud
You don't know me and you don't know my style
Hey you get off my cloud
Try to take Heaven but I gotta give you hell[Verse 2:]
Motherfuckers got me filled with anger
Clouds in Heaven bein' run by some strangers
Angels wasn't normal, naughty little devils
They said fuck everybody, independent rebels
To prove a point... they executed Michael
In broad daylight, then repeated cycle
Murdered Gabriel then said the cloud is ours
You bitches up here, you don't wan't no war
That's what one said, he had a wife, he beat her
It was clear to me that he was the leader
Rocked a platinum halo with diamonds on it
Pumping a CD, he was rhymin' on it
The beats was hot, could've had better timin' on it
Anyway, I said that to say this
Sellin' all that angel dust in Heaven made 'em rich
High rollers, they heated up and got colder
Now sellin' dope, they got it on smash
Other angels can't cope and they wanna kill they ass
The higher-ups know they makin' cash, they on the take
Gotta grease they palms, Heaven is political
Movement take muscle when getting physical
Mind over matter on the cloud it's gettin' critical
(Critical) What we gonna do?
What we gonna do?[Chorus][Verse 3:]
The leader was arrogant, walked with a swagger
Even when he flew, he did that snotty too
Couldn't take no more, flap wings, got the pistol
Demons think we sloppy, break 'em off proper
Didn't have a vest, too vain, he didn't need that
Shot him in his chest, blew the feathers off his back
That set it off, the war was on
Thought he was a king but he was only a pawn
Crew turned to cowards once their leader was gone
Bullets start to shower, angels start to shiver
Blood start to drip until it made a river
No angel police, this was settled on the streets
Looked the other way, a word they didn't say
Cause they all knew someone's gonna pay
Chase the demons outta here, got back our flow
Keep it movin' niggas, we had to let them know[Chorus]
(Word up)
The bottom line is we got it back
Back in business
Something goes down, if a bag is sold I want our cut
I want a cut
I want in on everything

MF Grimm – Head in the Clouds (remix)

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