Is he ill?
Do he really fit the bill?
Spit to kill?
Keep things real?
Know the drill?
The ledge edge still?
Catch wreck at will?
(Repeat x2) [Verse 1: MF Doom]
Today's forecast, a slight chance of flurries
Slightly slim chance that they might dance to worries
And won't know what to say, break to a cutaway
DOOM like the rain known to come back another day
Like this day like now-a-day be right there
Like I, O, A, gimme half a light year
Same time it take y'all to drink a light beer
Feel the wrath of his truth just like the cast from Nightmare
Whoever got the cash, the mic, they both right here
What more can I say? keep your sights clear
Bare facts, triple naked to bare backs
He only came to jack rare tracks for your earwax
Oh snap! You hear that? Naw
DOOM stay way up in the cut like Ma and Pa
When he come out he dumb out, there he go
The villain with the illest flow in all of Mexico
All foes on some when he leave out let me know
Just so's I can breath out before I let go
Rappers is like Satchmo that you best know
Invest in free dough like Matthew Lesko
Followed by hailstorms, snow and earthquakes
Give out more toothaches than first birthday cakes
The more we reverse scripts the worse they fate
To beat y'all with dimes and dummy Anbesol shake
Now you got a rhyme tummy ache by mistake
Can't call it, can't call Jake, call cannonball face
Dig tapes and stay in great shape
Today's rap game is like one big date rape
The name ring bell like ring ding dong
He can never be wrong like Ling Ting Tong
Once heard a hit song, sounded like an annoying gong
It's so wack, I ain't wanna hit the bong
Now who get iller with the pen than I do?
And in it just to get the benjamin like Netanyahu?
Let the god bless you like Achoo!
Get you like whats that on your chest, got you
PNS beat good for you it's shredded wheat
As well as getting shredded by the metal headed lead feet
Son 'em and dead 'em like a dad that's dead beat
Beat him like a dead horse, nasty as red meat
DOOM memorize rhymes and still forgot
Call it how he see it and kill a shot, like Willard Scott
In the place to be like no iller spot
To spill a knot, it's like a chilling thriller plot
Starring the villain as the black Jesus
If it ain't the 'gnac or the Jack it's Grey Goose
Still could stay loose off grape juice regardless
Nevertheless did his best on the retarded test
It's trick questions, always kept a cheat sheet
On the microphone, a rep up before Beat Street
And beat meat that MF DOOM he stay true
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