[Intro: Travis Scott]
I just, ayy, man, agh
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ohh
(Nah, this another one)
Metro Boomin want some more, nigga [Chorus: Travis Scott]
Blue pill, blue dream, ooh
Woo, rollin', rollin' tell me what I can't
Please don't call me, clockin' what I can
Yah-yah-yah-yah-yah, lil' mama got the fiya-ya-ya
We goin', goin' blue pill, blue dream, ooh, ooh
Rollin', rollin', stop me, what, I can't
Ridin' 'round, just show me what I can[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Off that lean and you know it
Ridin', [?], soda
Ridin' [?], you get over
I just [?], how we [?] get showed it
Roll up that do' with that yola
Rollin' [?] with that soda
I don't care that I'm floatin'
Floatin', rollin' my yola
And the feelin' so real, [?] so kill
Get it like Johnny Gill, got it down to the deal, yeah[Refrain: Travis Scott]
Oh, yah-yah-yah? She, ah-yah-yah
With that woah-woah-woah, that woah-woah-woah[Chorus: Travis Scott]
He got that blue pill, blue dream, ooh
Woo, rollin', rollin' stop me what I can't
Ridin' ridin', tell me what I can
Blue pill, blue dream, ooh
Yah-yah-yah-yah-yah, lil' mama got the fiya-ya-ya
We rollin' on that blue pill, blue dream
At the back of the wheel
[?][Verse 2: Travis]
When I'm ridin', got that blue pill
Who deal, deal? Who that outside?
Ride inside to kill, I'm up and down and I can't heal
Pop a pill, [?]
Ridin', this ain't no killin'
That is safe from business
[?] one wheeler
Now they down, they get bigger
Hide that [?] from my [?]
Tired off soakin' the pitties, [?]
Hand is so posin', tote it
Whip it, I whip it, dope
Whip it, I whip it up, get me involved
Now we switch to a four
Whip it, outside the [?]
She [?]
Strip it down it ain't easy[Outro: Travis Scott]
Ah-yah-yah, lil' mama got that fiya-ya-ya
Blue pill, blue dream

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