Fallen angel gave the earth debris
Daughter of the dawn asked DREAM could there ever be peace Come downstairs for some cake for your birthday partyDREAMIVERSE VERSE
Ima run away - far away
Either that, or be still - meditate
Cool as water in a morning lake
Or a river running in a rage
Either way - The sun will shine today
Either way - Ima man, I made mistakes
Drove a woman's love - then hit the brakes
Now condemned above - IntoxicateI ordered tea at a coffee shop
This barista wore a red top
Tag spell Lucy - knew some’n wrong
Then she asked - did I want it hot
(welcome to hell)Then she asked - Why you run a lot
Then I have to ask - Where is God?
We are all in a paradox
But you DREAM - make Pandora’s box
Will you run away - far away
Or sit near a demon - meditate
Like a running river’ll - break away
Either way - The sun will shine today

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