Jackie Chan do a stunt - make you wonder how
If I’d learn how to dance - Ida made you proud
But imagine me - had a following - Nah - I’d rather be a lost sheep than your child
I’m talkin’ to your American forefathers
All the lords who’d never want me near their daughters
Am I worthy to wield the sword of King Author
Or am I worthless as a penny cause my skin is copper HOOK
Pace myself up this hill - YEAH
I could see the summit, where she stands - yes PANDA
Wave my rights as MIRANDA
So I’ll place my feet on the summit - BONANZABetween Black and White - we see the world different
I’vе been at the bottom for so long - I’m a footnote
I don’t belong in any pagе other than your - complaint formDAZZLER VERSE II
Behave or - I’ll leave you with no neighbors
Who’s speaking - that’s the system - Algorithm put your rhythm in the winter
Make your water taste as vinegar - yes it’s sinister - but DREAM guilty
You helped built this system - that sees you as a little thing - you’re its buddy
You’ll never have enough money - or a big familyDREAM SPEAKING
I make state of the art rap with the cheapest product
But hey, that’s what I do best so whatever
But I like Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin

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