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[Intro: Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, & ]
Alright, I, I mean, how we gon' do this? ’Cause We gon', we gon’ letting Bass start off
Fuck itUh
Gotta hit 'em with a little, "Uh, huh"
Something smooth
Huh, Bass
Look[Verse 1: Bass Santana]
The revolution will be televised, if not, then I'll just put this shit on YouTube
It never fails to improvise, fuckin' wit' the new school
Nowadays, the kush never burns out, who knew?
Eyes so red, you would swear my pupils gangbanged, Su Woo
And I ain't had a blue's clue
Now I’m just said trippin’, that's fufu
Niggas ain’t blessed wit' it, they boo boo
Smile on your face, but they upset, friends, enemies, I can't really tell who's who
Love is supposed to move you
And never vouch for a bitch who don’t back you up, that's unusual
Fuck that shit, somebody run this shit up
[Verse 2: Flyboy Tarantino, Bass Santana, & ]
Hold upHey, huh, huh, huh (Ayy, ayy)
Huh, wait, wait
What's important to you
Money, cars, cloths, and the hoes living comfortable
Let a ho feel my energy 'cause I'm in the room
Peep the gold up in my mouth, yeah, it's fifty a tooth
I got soul and a heart but won't give it to you (Uh)
'Cause I know what you finna do with it (Huh)
Last bitch I was fucking with wasn't with it
I can never let them stop me from what I gotta finish (Uh)
Wait so I grow colder
I can't let another fuck me over (No)
I'm only getting older
Shoot my shot, but she left me with a broken shoulder[Interlude: Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, & ]Go ahead, Trunks, go ahead, Trunks
Ayy, ayy
Come on, TrunksAyy, ayy
[Verse 3: rawhool mane, KiD TRUNKS, , & ]
Like how you used to do it, like you always do it
Hey mutinyYour mama like me, do it
Look, look
I'm kinda slick with tack, it's silent, be farted and stranded
Then drop the body with maggots and make it hard to examine
I killed the beat, yeah, I stabbed it and now it's dead in the casket
Check me out'Cause I'm just getting stronger while I eat these beats alive
And while I'm preaching on the track, all my disciples start arising
And I'm spitting silly bars until you see the sun horizon
Mean Sunny Heat, yeah, that might come up and surprise ya
All my niggas tellin' me to rap and now I finally picked the time
And if I get to meet your bitch, her and my dick will be colliding (Ooh)
And you know I beat it up, so you can call it pussy fighting
Heard that you were hungry, so my shade is not what you are biting
I'm done (, yeah)
And I ain't riding ()
It's off the dome
I might just run up in your fucking home
I'm on your lawn like a gnome
Fuck your ho and fuck your show
That's it
[Interlude: Flyboy Tarantino, KiD TRUNKS, & ]
Ah shit, ayo, switch the beat up, broHold on, hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait
Put on, put, put, put, put on that Craig MackRest in peace Craig Mack, rest in peace, broTrunks, I want you to go before me
Nah, you go first, bro
You took the mic before me
Alright, bet (Let's go)
You put it up in these headphones a little bit? Hold onOkay, hold up
Uh, uh, uh, uh[Verse 4: Flyboy Tarantino]
Yeah, I dig it
Fucked them lil' scragglies in the lobby, tryna kick it
We ride like a magic carpet, floatin' with the spinnin'
You niggas can't fuck with me, it's buck fifty, y'all ain't get it
We ride, uh, hold up
Blue Chevy sittin', can't look in it, windows tinted
Beat the pot, keep the water lukewarm with the whippin', uh
Asked her, "Would you like some fries with that milk?" They'd like a Snicker
These niggas wonder why I don't fuck with 'em, 'cause they iffy
You mad, please don't get in you bag
You took an L and I just laugh
Hold up, ha, shit, hold on
Wait, I'm done[Interlude: Flyboy Tarantino, KiD TRUNKS, , & ]
(I'm done)
(He [?] faked us)Hold on, hold on ()
Ayy, look, so look
So when I say this shit, you gon' jump right off me
Alright? ()[Verse 5: KiD TRUNKS, Bass Santana, & ]
Uh, uh, okay, okay
One word and it go blow (Mhmm)
Then it go, shows what the person don't know (Uh-huh)
I sit back and I let the bodies all float (Uh-huh)
I read minds to read minds, wait, hold on, hold on
I fucked up, damn, I fucked up, fuck! ()
I fucked up, but who gives a fuck? Damn
I fucked that bitch in the butt, damn ()
I fucked that bitch in the butt, goddamn (Ha, I wanna try something, I like this beat)
I fucked up[Verse 6: Bass Santana & Real 92.3 LA Host]
Yo, the slick spitter with the hits is pressin' through the adamantium steel
Of any rapper with a sentinel feel
I was meant to be ill
Overnight, don't deserve this
You worthless, I wouldn't feed you to a ho's purse, shit
Verses after verses, resultin' in consecutive hearses
Blockin' up traffic, niggas gettin' murdered
Let the nina sting 'em, I'm steamin' 'em with my senum
We gon' need more than Stanley Steamer to get that shit to the cleaners (Ah)
Flow, overweight with it
I was doin' this while y'all niggas was contemplating your dreams and aspirations
So never say I'm not nice like Gaza
The royal Bahaman, goddamn, the bass don Dada (Ooh)
Boy, could [?] could leave a bad man done up
For disrespectin' my conglomerate, come up to come up
Burn up, the gun's ready, I'm innocent until proven
As soon as my Jewish lawyer is hired, I'll be a nuisance (Ha ha)
Everybody eats beef, but niggas gotta eat
Bass flow the Holy Ghost, we ain't never had no seats
Her acts are discreet, the pack loud, my last bitch
Goin' with the stick who chap you like cracked lips
Fast tips, don't approach fast when you passed us
Avenue, I'm plowing you like Calvin Neora
I ain't raw, that's a pure figment of your imagitoire
To Bass be the glory, I'm a force to deal law, bitch[Interlude: Bass Santana, rawhool mane, , & ]Good ass shit
()Everybody done?So, I'm just gon' do a lil' bit
[Verse 7: rawhool mane & Flyboy Tarantino]
None of these niggas is rappin'
None of these niggas is trappin'
All of these niggas is talkin' that shit and they lyin' to you
So these niggas is cappin', huh, yeah
Straight off, like nigga, what happened?
This my potential I'm tappin'
All of these niggas is mad that I'm making these plays
So I get them mad, these niggas Madden
Spit—, fuck
Spittin' the shit like I'm Jesus, all these niggas around my feeties
You is a fetus, give me a [?] and I eat it
All these rappers get defeated, nigga, believe it
Schoolin' these niggas, get seated
Flow is hot, but now it's leading
My bitch conceited
When she got done, it's like beat it
Dick is all she really need
Niggas been sleepin', I don't know why them boys is sleepin'
I know you hear the shit that I am fucking speaking
Y'all niggas is fucking tweaking (Hold up)
I might just get on the pussy and get that bitch really leaking (Fuck it, uh)
And I ain't peaking (What? Huh)[Verse 8: Flyboy Tarantino, rawhool mane, & ]
Wait, wait, wait, wait
On the block, hit my jack when you comin' through
You would think I'm B.I.G. the way I get the loot (Uh)
Both eyes wide open, they look at you (What? What?)
Seen them actin' messy and she think it's cute (Goddamn)
That ain't gas in you smoke, bitch, you, ah, fuck
That ain't gas in you blunt, boy, you smokin' poop ()
Want a coupe with my bitch hanging out the roof ()
If there's pressure, boy, I'll bust, don't play me for a fool
Ooh, ooh, wait, wait
Don't move 'cause my goons touchin' on the tomb
Ooh, Betty Boop shawty, she'll like how I groove
Alright ()
I'm just fuckin' around now ()
Yeah, yeah, look[Verse 9: rawhool mane & Real 92.3 LA Host]
This the freestyle, I'm chillin' with Bootleg ()
And I might beat a nigga with two hands and two legs, okay, look
Bitch, I'm spittin' like I'm fuckin' toothless
Goddamn, I do this
Niggas like, "What the fuck? He ruthless"
Okay, cool, now I'm 'bout to fuckin' drop the coupe
They lookin' like where the roof is
You thought I dropped it, but I'm back up in this shit 'cause I'm animal
I don't give a fuck, I drip, I never spill, look ()[Interlude: SB, rawhool mane, , & ]Nah, that nigga Bass snapped though, I ain't gon' quiet
(I told you, I told you)
This shit fire (I told you, this shit fire)
I ain't gon' start this one, I ain't gon' start this one
But I'll get on this one though, this ho fire
What you tellin', man?
Hold up, uh
Look, look[Verse 9: SB, Flyboy Tarantino, & ]
I guarantee nobody 'round me losin'
A lot of clout demons, they be choosin'
All them extra clips and you ain't shootin'
Who the fuck you think you niggas foolin'?
I be with my nigga TankHead, we be boolin'
I go stupid in the pussy, I be JUULin'
Fuck that fake energy you're usin'
Love me one day then you hate me, who's confusin'?
Uh, enough of that shit
If it ain't for money, I'm hard to convince ()
Stay true to your friends, if you could wing, you don't have to pretend ()
Ah, fuck, I fucked up, hold up ()
Hold up, hold up
Fucked her and her firends, I'm already committin' a sin
Damn, I fucked up, hold up
Hold up, I got you
Jump in[Verse 10: Flyboy Tarantino & Bass Santana]
Okay, what happened here?
My gorillas in the field, they keep bananas peeled
Real deal, real spiel, shine like spinnin' rims
Got these bitches actin' up, the money comin' in
Ooh, why they tryna knock me? 'Cause I'm who they feel
Ooh, wait ('Cause I'm who they feel)
Pussy pokin' in the mirror, I can see it clear
Hm, lil' bitch, I can see it clear (Go ahead)
Uh, look, uh (I fucked up)[Verse 11: Bass Santana, Real 92.3 LA Host, & ]
Why a young nigga so vool?
Fuckin' 'til my dick can't goddamn move
Pull up with the shift gang, bitch, I'm cruisin'
Pull up with the gang, lil' hoes be choosin', mm
Gave the ho the dick and like ran
When I'm on the pussy, I had to do a lil' dance (Ha ha)
[?] lil' cushion, now she wanna stay around
Ho, you shoulda never, ever left your man (Yeah, ha)
Now she wanna roll with the team
Like, hell yeah, bitch, we all got big dreams
[?], man, let me get some lean
Hit the corner store and tell the [?] I'm fiend
Poppin' off beans, now a nigga lit
Ridin' 'round town with a nina on my dick
Ax on my shoulder, I don't need no assist
Gling, gling, gling, I got Ming on my wrist ()
Look, a nigga always what I talk of, when you see 'em
They'll motherfuckin' freeze up like the background playin' black beetles
Cruisin' through Miami with the heater
Scannin' like Joanne, tryna put the hood on, my nigga, eat up
Sew 'em if you lookin' like a lick
Every mother born a bad baby, I ain't never been afraid of shit
90X be the set, my bad
Members Only be the set
Got your baby daddy lookin' vexed
He could drop the addy on the map
Who dat jumped off the porch? But mama ain't even have steps
Niggas sleepin', I ain't even got rest
Fuck the police in the [?], and I been rollin' with some heat
That's why I'm blessed
Told my family I don't need to have stress
Look, look, look, look (Woo)
I just read these, uh, I just read these niggas
I just read these niggas, keep up with the chapter
Ain't no reason for that, hatin' boy, you sour
Run up on me wrong, you gon' get this hurt
I don't give a fuck, bitch, we've put in work
I go up her skirt, bitch, I go berserk
Call me Bass, I work harder than these niggas
Work hard, fuck, shit, ha ha ha ha (Yeah, alright, alright, alright)[Interlude: Flyboy Tarantino, rawhool mane, & ]Ain't nobody else gon' go?
'Cause I'm feelin' heartbroken as fuck, I'm up
Ain't nobody gon' go? Alright, look
Hold upThis some real shit, it's comin' from the heart
You know what I'm sayin'?
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead
Hold up, hold up, hold up[Verse 12: Flyboy Tarantino, rawhool mane, & ]
It's been a minute, I know your heart was in it
You sayin' that it's over, but no, nigga, we ain't finished
You not that far, ah, fuck, hold up
Wait, wait, wait (We ain't finished)
Been a minute, I know it's been a minute
I keep, bro, I'm drunk, hold up ()
Hold up, I got this, I got it
Wait, hold up, hold up, hold up
It's been a minute, you sayin' that it's finished
You sayin' that it's over, but lil' nigga, we ain't finished
You loved to—, ah, fuck, I'm drunk, I'm done[Interlude: rawhool mane & Flyboy Tarantino]
I'm too drunk
Alright, so look, look, check me out
Y'all gon' have to cut him out, you know what I'm sayin'?
Okay, look[Verse 13: rawhool man, Flyboy Tarantino, & ]
My brother nickname is cool
What the fuck they call me? Bitch, they call me Lil Ool
That's short for Rawhool
If a nigga talk that shit, I get that tool
Get his body fucking wet like a motherfucking pool, okay
Now I be just spittin' off the lil' dome
I might just call my dog, they run up in your home
Okay, like, what the fuck is you on?
I really got my shit, I bought it, yes, I really own
And I pull up with a bad bitch, nigga, a bad [?]
Okay, cool, talk shit, your body get thrown
What the fuck? Nigga, and I really fuckin' own
Yes, I did that
Yes, I motherfucking had to trap
Yes, I did that
And I motherfucking had to motherfucking spit on the mic
Just to get a motherfucking meal late at night
I don't really give a fuck, I don't really wanna fight
With that chopper, I ignite any fuck boy in my sight ()
Okay, cool, fuck that bitch, I might give her pipe
I said maybe, that means might (Ayy, fuck that)
I be on smite, that's on gang (I ain't no freestyle nigga)
I don't give a fuck, on my name (I ain't no freestyle nigga, I'm pulling out he phone)
Hold up, hold up (My name is framed)[Verse 14: Flyboy Tarantino, rawhool mane, & ]
Okay, what's goin' on?
Got two bitches kissin', pookie rollin' up the strong (That is not )
White bitch [?] me alone
Dumb bitch don't own a crib, at me, hold up
Got a tootie with a booty, make her roll my dope
She feelin' froggy, I'm a doggy, she hop on my bone
Gettin' sold, not told, bitch, cough up the dough
Break a ho, cocaine, leave a snotty nose, I'm done ()
Okay, okay[Verse 15: rawhool mane, Real 92.3 LA Host & Members Only]
Off the dome, pussy nigga, 'cause I do not write
What the fuck? Got that pistol 'cause I do not fight
Okay, cool, look, I'm fly like a motherfucking kite
And I might fuck your bitch 'cause I'm mad out of spite, look (Ooh)
What the fuck, nigga? I do it and that's despite
Any nigga tryna shine on my light
I'm like, what the fuck, nigga? Let me motherfuckin' do what I gotta do
Bitch, you know it's Lil Ool
And I'm motherfucking done with this shit, yes, I'm through (Whoo)[Interlude: Flyboy Tarantino, rawhool mane, , & ]
Ayy, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
One more ()
Can you play something, can you play one more beat
Like, something fast ()
Anything fastLike, maybe you could play that "Green Light" instrumental by John Legend
Everything off the dome, you know what time it is
You play that "Green Light" by John Legend, instrumental
Play that ()
I'm finna pull out he phone again, I don't care
(So I had to snap, like, Bass give me energy)You know where we're from, right?Go right now, hold on, I'm finna pull out he phone, hold up
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hold up, finna pull out, mm
Bro, I know you got something, bro
(I know you got something)
Hold on, I got a lil' something, hold up ()[Verse 16: Flyboy Tarantino, Bass Santana, & ]
Wait, ooh, it take one shot (Wet, wet)
My hitters at your door, hear the door knock, ooh (Wet, wet, wet)
Get down on the floor, give me what you got (Stick, stick)
Call of Duty sniper, punch my gun, cocked, mm (Stick, stick)
It take one shot (Stick, stick)
Cuz was goin' so hard (Bro, we from Florida)
Hold up, we not done, bro, hold on, I got you[Outro: Flyboy Tarantino, rawhool mane, , & ]It is
Niggas drunk, they drunk
(Yeah, man, we)
And we gonna get more faded ()

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