Part One [Intro: AyRick & pmz]
Hoes keep saying my name
But I made a stick move like I'm Moses (like I'm Moses)

I piss on your grave, others bring roses (others bring roses)
You ain't lit my boy, you're frozen (frozen)[Verse 1: AyRick, pmz & both]
I think about lotta things, small, big and solid
I think about these hoes, man they're somebody's daughter
I feel like I've been chosen to be a lone Walker
Searching for the talent while y'all searching for the water
Que le meilleur gagne, which language I'm talking
In the hard situations, got the recipe, I'm honored
I ain't gotta lie brother, you're the reason why I'm bothered
I'm sick of all this back and forth and all these fucking gossips
Feel like I should quit, and look for a fucking job
Feel like i should quit making music Nonstop

Feel like niggas overrated, feel like you fell off
Feel like all of my problems, been overthinking too much
Thinkin how can a nigga be my brother and my enemy
Thinkin how a nigga treated me like John F. Kennedy
But niggas change, same niggas tryna kill your energy
Same nigga shoot you to the heart, whole insanity
They said I needed pills, they said I needed therapy
Y'all want the generous Rick, and it's okay I'm Generic
Who told me to love someone, cause I'm losing everything
But I'm a Nigga too, I wanna see you on the ground, dead
Check What Arto, What Pmz, What bluvercetti said
What if I was a pimp and called myself a Friend?
What if members Only knew who the real Ricky is?
Sorry if I'm not sweet, Not a fucking teddy bear
I spit in your face,
then I spit the facts again, nigga[Bridge: Arto]
Oh, Oh, Oh
I wanna leave (leave)
But they be calling (Oh)
Nothing to see
The stone spalling
Voices stalling off
And stars keep falling[Verse 2: Arto]
This is how it works, try to be just like them, like a clone, put it all in
Try to be friendly, open up a sleeve for a friend but you watch snakes crawling
So leave it all behind, Before they ban you away like Morke, that is all
And if anybody asked what Members did, just keep your mind close don't try to recall it
Don't try to remember that you was just like them, just said what they all say
Been laughing at Aref jokes, bumping Brennan Savage with Morke, did it all day

When you was a Member, 25 bros just been around you now they all faded
Put you life on your hands, wanna ride with the friends, but they all fade away, now it's all Pain
Make no more tracks, no more dad jokes, no time to stay (no time to stay)
No more attacks to these chats groups, that all is lame (all is lame)

There is no more blue, sky is black, air is full of grain (full of grain)
Im loosing screw, I just try but I...Part Two[Verse 3: pmz]
Believe it or not, down here I miss you
We used to bang tunes, I miss this too
Mic check, hope you're tuning In from heaven
On god, I can still feel your presence
Remember used to tell me stories and sing
Way before I knew the Internet was even a thing
Keep a number you didn't, I couldn't hear your tired voice
I don't blame you for not caring, guess the shadows were your choice[Chorus: pmz & Arto]
'Cause people fade away and memories don't
Good times don't leave you alone
Only remains are the stories to tell
Even the closest seem like the unknown
Cherish the moments now
Cherish the moments now
Cherish the moments
Cherish the moments now
Cherish the moments now
[Outro: AyRick]
I'm so low and love-annoyed
Where did you go, who you left me for?

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