Yeah, uh, TTG check, D4L look VERSE 1:
TTG, to the death, D4L, cut the check
You and me we split the profits 'til there ain't no profits left
Leaving comments, that's a threat
I could pay to have you topped off for talking out your neck
From the south so pay respect, aye
Only move in silence, never known dishonest
Backstabbed so many times I never trust a promise
Being modest I'm the GOAT, I take any beat and float
Bring the shisha, joint, blunt and reefa, give me all the smokе (uh)
She love the strokе (uh)
She call me Papi, look me dead in my eyes and make me fit all down her- (woo)
Uh, I done shit with my bitch that your bitch imagine (OK)
Uh, look how it happened, now we fucking in mansions (OK)
She in the front seat of the whip so everybody know my bitch
And know who I roll with, yeah that's my clique (aye)
Glacier white S5 every time that we dip
My shawty, she down to ride on God that's my chick

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