Twice I turned my back on you
I fell flat on my face but didn't lose VERSE 1:
We both had our ups and downs
Let me talk to you real right now
Girl, I know that I make it hard for you
And your heart do wear a frown
With me you don't need no purses
When I found you I found my purpose
I'm 6'3" and you 5'6" and you still be the bigger person
First met north side of town
Lock eyes and they deep and brown
Never had I been so nervous as when you had been around
Arguments, big scene around
Not cheating but feeling 'round (aye)
Funny when I fell in love, I got so high can't see the ground
But my baby girl is a real one, she imperfectly perfect
And you see me putting in work for your trust and love
Respect I earned it
Every lesson baby I learned it, every second you make worth it
And I seen that you got your halo, you angel, on Earth it's
Amazing all that we been through, all the shit that we get into
Ex girl see me slide, in the ride, S5, the way I swing through
That dress is like a pencil, outline on you is mental
And your smile has got more shine than all the diamonds on my dental
You special, real one
I, promise to not let go, promise to not let go

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