"The Apocalypt - World in Shards" (La Maison Dieu) // Movement 3

Mekong Delta



"The Apocalypt - World in Shards" (La Maison Dieu) // Movement 3 lyrics

Wading through the desert ocean
I am talking with the wind "See this world
Beyond control"Cataclysm
Abstract vision
Green collision
Can't see clear right nowAberration
Twin sensation
Fear soul nations
Preoccuppied downfallFading out these black whit monkeys
I am now reaching for this lightLost of feel. last frozen motion
Endless nodes of what could be
Kings will come apparelled satin
Merchants dressed in tailored cloth
And a hero, shrouded in sorrow
Mirror, Mirror on the wallStrolling through the library
Build out of human idiocy
Smeared letters of democracy
Razed traces of humanity
Clarify it finallyEverything i felt as good
Experienced as part of truth
Just have to learn
How to accept
Conspiracy is just a word
Abstraction for what is not sold
AwardLast planets breathing but still no one knows whats right?
A bleeding heart is mine
And all this veritable mutants, killing with a smile
White lily of the Nile
And all this spat out rulers, lawless, vapid painted mall
A silent stone in time
In time

Mekong Delta – \"The Apocalypt - World in Shards\" (La Maison Dieu) // Movement 3

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