Transcribing, do not edit [Intro]
This goes out to all y'all tuned in
The hotties, the secret hotties, all you motherfuckers[Verse]
Talk about something y'all like, stop talkin' 'bout me
Since y'all hate a bitch so much
The way broke bitches coming for me, know it gotta be free
But I get paid when I show up
Pressed, stressed, obsessed, I got 'em
Everything I do keep another bitch talking
Watching my back 'cause these dudes be stalking
Watching my plate got these broke hoes starving
Damn, you hoes hate me
Ridin' dick so hard, havin' babies
Y'all bitches so ugh, stop it
Making everything but a deposit
Killin' bitches, send 'em to the Gulag
Hot girl shit, never let 'em cool offOne thing about me that you need to know
I ain't nothin' like none of these average hoes'Cause I'm from the Southside
Bitch, I'm a movie, these hoes my sequelsSelf esteem high, bank account poorIf I worried 'bout the hate, I'd be a damn foolYour instagram accounLove to talk shit, whole time, I'm laughingWhy? I'm way too playerDrop a lil' verseBitch, I'm 'bout my money
Pussy out whenI'm finna bust that pussy wide likeI wanna show my wild side, make 'em doot-doot-doot

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