Crosstown Beef lyrics

Mos Def:
[Keep rising] Medina Green
[Keep rising] DCQ
[Keep rising] Lord Ato
[Keep rising] the Mighty Mos Def
[Keep rising] can't forget Ces
[Keep keep keep...] Mercenary from the De La
[Keep rising to the top...] Lace the beats up tight, yo tell 'em D DCQ:
4 A.M. laid up at the rest
Got a call made my heart jump out my chest
My man's got beef at the dance, exits is blocked
Enemies outside with they heat pon cock
He said that if he goes outside
He knows he gon' get clapped
(My man from way back)
Ain't going out like that
He got peoples in the club and his ties is strong
But he know that they can only hold it down for so long
So now he's trapped off and he's calling on me
To come and represent like I'm G.O.D
Of course I must agree, cuz this is family
If tables was turned he would do it for me
So now I'm hopping out my bed
Ready put a nigga never seen 'pon dead
Guess a black man can't have no peace
Pull out my heat
Woke up out my sleep over crosstown beef
Crosstown beef be like crosstown traffic, (DCQ) thick!
Brothers be on some real shit
Everyman get scared when prepared for confrontation
"When the slugs penetrate you feel a burning sensation"
Crosstown beef be like crosstown traffic, (DCQ) thick!
Brothers be on some real shit
Everyman get scared when prepared for confrontation
"Getting closer to God, in a tight situation"Mos Def:
Yo check it
It was a Friday in the month of may
Around the time when everybody put they game on play
See my girl was out of T so it was all on me
I figured I would hit the metro on the mad L.D
Now everybody know what the spring time is about
Players polish up they game cause the shorties be out
I was rocking jew-els and my wears was crisp
My man said there was a jam that I should not miss
I hopped in the livery without a moment to spare
And when I rolled up on the function everybody was there
I was catching sexy stares from the shams in the rear
Saw my peers and heads I haven't seen in years
Now I was getting caught up in the nightlife mix
Then I see my main man from my old time clique
"Oh shit, not my nigga Mos Def in the house"
"Oh shit baby-paw, I ain't know you came home"
We talked about that and this and way back since
When I seen a caravan sporting wild dark tints
Had its window half cracked and was cruising slow
And was circling the block like they was po-po
Said I was jibbing with my man so I paid it no mind
That's when the shots rang out from the passenger side
It was a forty-five bark that made us all duck down
Girls was letting out screams as shells hit the ground
I was looking for my man so we both could split
That's when he turned to me and said "yo Mos I'm hit"
I guess the street life don't leave a nigga alone
Laced up at the party and he just came home
If he survive I know he goin' retaliate
If he don't, they bought theyself a burial plate
Either way situation status on code red
I'm on the horn to tell the fam its on like ConEd
CHORUS[Phone ringing...] [DCQ] Eh yo, son get that?
[Mos Def] I'm saying man you sitting right there!
[DCQ] C'mon man I'm twisting this right now
[Mos Def] Saying man, with the lazies, word up man?!
[DCQ] C'mon man, get the phone, man!
[Mos Def] Yeah...who dis?...Who? Yo D take the phone, man[DCQ] Peace
[Lord Ato] Peace
[DCQ] Who dis?
[Lord Ato] The God 2
[DCQ] Yo whattup son?
[Lord Ato] Nothing much, maintaining you?
[DCQ] Right
[Lord Ato] I just came out the bing and shit is mad real
This shit ain't bout nothing son
[DCQ] Son I know how you feel
[Lord Ato] My girl is in the world trying to raise my seed
There's mad shit that she want and mad shit that she need
[DCQ] true dat
[Lord Ato] Plus she got some nigga, knocking at her door
[DCQ] Who dis?
[Lord Ato] Some crab-ass cat that she messed with before
[DCQ] From where?
[Lord Ato] Always acting wild disrespecting my G
[DCQ] Stop playing...
[Lord Ato] I think he gotta go, what's the verdict DC?
Verdict guilty, left hand on the scene
You might be locked down but you're part of the team
If you say he gotta go, then that's what he gotta do
Ain't nothing sweet son, yo you know I'm here for youLord Ato:
No doubt, come check me on the day of knowledge born
Cause this phone shit ain't real, yeah that tap shit be on
Plus the God wanna see you so pull his name too
Cause he soon come home son, you know how he doDCQ:
Yeah the God get down so I see you on the V-I
I'm a do my best to get this broad to bring you some Lah
Peace to the Gods, read your math, hold your head
And as far as that kid goes, remember what I said- PeaceCHORUS
[Keep rising...]
Medina Green – Crosstown Beef

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