[Verse 1]
I never thought this day would come
Look it's Nikita the brainless scum
You think you’re better then me
Ha sorry bro, this is reality
You call my mother and father gay
That's you everyday
You made a mistake
Promise I—I like you, fake!
I may not be able to rap fast
But in this battle I want—I want to be last [Verse 2]
Nigga get your ass back to Auschwitz
Lucy still want the frube in my pockets
At least she ain't on that Ineta shit
All the thots want it
You act queer and I ain’t 'bout that anime shit
White boy can't rap even on the beat
He just beat his meat
You say I'm gay but you always on my dick
And you too afraid to swear ("Oh Frick!")
Nigga get a life
No one likes you not even your wife
Because she suck me like a hoover
You look brighter then my fucking future!
You could be a winner and still be a sore loser

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