[Intro: McGwire]
Away from this place I know
Far away
Where your words won't hold me down
Let me go
Away from this place I know
Far away
Where your words won’t hold me down [Verse 1: Lahman]
Look, you don't ever wanna test the way I ride for the gang
I'm liable to bang on anyone who slide in my lane
And if you want it you can get it, I’m precise with an aim
You wanna shot, I get a cannon, put your life in a frame
I'm different, the foot a weapon with an opp in the reticle
I got time today, and you could be a spot in the schedule
Me and gang making sure there not an option that's left for you
But you freeze up when I put this blakka ahead of you
Look, I came from nothing, made a name in the trench
Come with armor, take a knee or I'll be breaking his limbs
You disrespect it and you leaving with a cane and a limp
I got a squad of hitters, none of em are grazing the skin
I'm talking headshots hit his dreadlocks when the shell pops
Crime boss, come at mine y'all get a pine box
Gang lead, MMA feet breaking eight teeth
Same scene from the same streets, he gone stay sleep
I deal with mine in the violence of god
When I say I want a body shit is right in my palms
You heard the name ringing through em and it's frightening y'all
I treat a pussy like a weapon, put his silencer on
Look, you talking dirty, I’m responding in fist
The Glock or the kick, I’ll put a hole in all of your fit
You tryna get a gruff, I'm moving with katanas and shit
You tryna hit me’s like you tryna move a wall of the bricks
I'm uncontested when it comes to the gang shit, you ain't shit
Hit em with it, give him a face lift, I can't miss
Iron on me, big as a spaceship, you face this
I make sure when the coroners finished the shit’ll stay zipped
So anybody wanna walk in the league
I got a hundred reasons anyone can drop at the feet
Bring a hundred of em, ain't nobody stopping the beast
I got it locked, I'm saying fuck it, I'ma let the homie do it to em[Verse 2: Wülf Boi & McGwire]
You wanna fight, just drop the location, call me Invincible, but no Greyson
Fucking with my dawgs, then I'mma go ape shit, yeah
Ruthless with a smile on my face, but I never play
I been through it all, I'm still OK
No fear, I be going nuclear
I could make off with your honey like pooh bear
King of this shit, yeah, I make the rules here
Yeah, I make the, I make the
Gang going, we brang home the pesos
But some homies ain't came home, it stayed with me
The payload, disguise that I stay low
Stay low, I never break though
Ay, stay broken and they grow a halo
Cape stolen, they can't slow or hang on
Grave open if they throw, it's game on
Can't know it, they claim they the same old
Shit, hit their licks
I done see a lot of fucking day ones snitch
First they drift, then they dip
Better hope they ain't found or they meet my kick[Bridge: McGwire]
The power falls
I'm not involved
I raise my walls[Outro: McGwire]
I ain't asking you to stay
You're far away, far away
And every day I feel the same
My heart is stained, I got darkened veins
And oh, I'm falling slowly
I don't know if my soul remains

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