5D: The Dreaming City lyrics

[Verse 1]
Snapping out the fable
Astral travel is my outlet not tv cables
By all means the connection is stable
Fantasies come alive anytime but when it’s night I awake
I’m feelin like shit
No difference, I’m pissed
Leaving questions unanswered like what’s good in heavens world?
Most of everyone here on earth is depressed
Reasonable doubt has em sinking below grounds
Emptiness voidance is what’s left inside my chest
But even through the shit, yes I’m still blessed
In a world where love is not lost but found
I needs a girl in my life to spend time around
That single life gave a boy time to figure things out
I swear I’m so tired of the feels when burnt out
That girl is a baseball and I ain’t gonna strikeout
So here we go the opportunity is now [Chorus]
I see it all in the 5D (x2)
It’s all so pretty in the 5D
We calling it the dreaming city
X4[Verse 2]
Conscience off in another planet
Yeah, Saturn? Nah Neptune maybe?
Racing thoughts, sounds and illusions got me goin real crazy, it’s amazing
Catch this vibe, all warped time, can you hear the roaring winds baby?
I think it’s just me as everything happens all at once
Carry weights is a bunch packs more than we do at lunch
Fuck a brunch and let’s have fun
Outta this world bank statements ain’t ever solving those mad math equations
Yuh, like a game of sega swirl nah I’m playin’ destiny with my girl
And we havin’ a whirl of a time literally
We ain’t on triton anymore forget the nonsense
Remember I still be marching round with my trident
Don’t worry girl there’s no one else here besides us
I don’t need kiddy silly games all I need is solid trust
Immense pressure, numb feels as everyone gon combust
There ain’t no one like us
They said you ain’t gon make it well bitch I made it on the tv, yuh[Verse 3]
Popped a blue pill like Stevie
We exclude those fakes, steady cutting off the snakes
They pissed, that’s right, go hiss burning change
Everything here is god made nothings ever gonna change
Me and my girl relaxing, mingling in every which way
Gotta keep my spirit in shape, move away from disarray
Ok, hold up lemme catch my mind then meditate
Had to remind myself not to medicate
Meanwhile I’m exposing facts to Ash, I had to Mary Kate
She’s peng
For most love is hard to realize, finding it difficult to be nice
I know it’s hard for you to synchronize truths
That’s why I’m in the booth, preaching non school to the youth
In the 3D, there’s a life to choose but in the 5D
It’s be and see all with an inclusion of no rules
Yeah, what

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