Not feeling this world today, I just might blast off
I do not wanna show my face today, I just might hide it all
What’s with you’re hate anyway, is it to entertain?
Uh haha, I know what it’s like okay
And I’d be the one to tell you my take
I hate to hate
Now I’m looking right at you so clearly and I’m seeing your spirit so empty
When I’m telling you are so pretty, you’re just staring at me with envy
I can feel that you hate me, just just just tell me you’re ashamed
Somehow I’m always the blame, it’s crazy how we point out shame
But then forget we’re playing games, I never wanted this pain
I guеss it’s all part of fate
You judged me way too quick bitch, that’s not fair
Needеd some space to change, there’s lots to spare
Don’t ever think it is cool to not care
My music is hotter than the sun I’ve said, I sparked a flare
Go head and drag me down, you know you want to
And so when I come around, you run like you’re supposed to do
Fighting for what’s right cause I’ve got nothing to lose
Yeah, that’s right
I’ve got nothing to lose
Look what you have put me through
Now I’ve got nothing to lose
I do not fuck with the news
Why? cause it just messes with views
I ran too quick out of blues [Outro]
I have to start back anew
No hope for the vex
What’s next after death?
Uh, find the truth

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