Transcribing do not edit [Intro]
Ari- Arigato, Fumi[Verse 1: MC Prophet]
Ayy, so much money, I be fillin' up the bag
Lot of cash, lot of diamonds on me, hunnid on my swag
Lot of digits, you would think I'd have some bitches when I pull up
Windows tinted, they say "I don't your virgin ass," uh
Down bad sniffin' through my screen, facts
I could give you all my paper if you gave me one chance
Goddamn, thought I'd finally get a little when I got so many stans
Now I'm 'bout to spend a band on her OnlyFans 'cause[Verse 2: 1nonly]
Ayy, shorty got a whole lotta ass
Cute face, nice waist, oh shit, bring it back, no cap
I love getting money, countin' racks
I be countin' them digits and I'm getting all these bags

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