An Introduction lyrics

Hey, Paul, who's this fuckin' guy
That looks like Goldilocks over here?
Tell him to get on his knees and blow me, you know what I'm fuckin' sayin'? Goddamn, Paul Paul Barman
Are there any more questions?
Of course
I guess I should extrapolate on that
God, it was so damn fun
I know you guys think I was just a nervous wreck the whole time
But after we got into it a little bit it was just super damn fun
(The ladies adore me, usually)
And I even wear deodorant now, just in case, like
('Cause I rain on them)
Just in case I'm in the booth for a while
My sex life is pathetic
There's nothing to tell that's why I fantasize in 4 out of 5 fuckin' songs
There's always a joker in the pack
There's always a lonely clown
The-Alright, this Paul Barman ex-am I saying it right?
Paul Barkman? Barman?
Ok Paul Barman. Paul Barman
At least I know how to say his name
Everybody else needs to be fucking up his name lately
They call him like Paul Barkman
Fucking Charles? I dunno where they get these fucking names from
His name is Paul Barman, how hard is that?

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