Bad Or Good, The Better Me
He Gotta (Win) My Nigga On Probation
He Ain’t Got A FriendSettling To Get A Car
(Nigga Fuck A Mini Van)Turning 23
Feeling Like I’m {“?} Be The ManFor That Money
He Despicable, PredictableThey Looked At Me
Like I Was Damn Invisible(WATCH)
I Up And I Go
Thought You Love Tho
(WHAT)You Wanna Kick Ya Feet Up
Bitch This A Grab And Go
(COME HERE)Baby Pull Ya Seat Up
See Why You Do The Most
Why You Do The Most
(WHAT)Tell Me What You Really OnBetter Leave Me LoneBitch I Been Writing My WrongsHad To Pay Back Some Loans
Throw My Pain In My Songs
See I Had To Run It Back
So You Can Hear From The StartGot A Couple Niggas Get Ya
They Ain’t Carry No HeartLook At Me The Prodigy
Feelings Fallen ApartPast Aggression, I’m Expressing
Light Outshining The DarkIt’s Only Me
(YEAH)I’m Satisfied My Reputation
(Maxamilli Staying Focus)Move On Went Away
Big Grown In A Way
6 Songs To My NameHead Blown Feel My Pain
A lot Of People In My Face
I Can’t Ride For Them DudesI Was Looking For My Way
They Was Laughing I’m ThroughPlenty Days I Drift Away
When I Get Mad And I’m RudeWhy You Think That This A Game
I’m Spitting Facts In The BoothWe Suppose To Be A Whole
I Split Half In 2I Get Lost For Words
I Close My Eyes, I Never See YouDon’t Understand
Bitch Yo Phone In SpanishCover The CluesBaby Think That This A Game
See I Ain’t One Of Them FoolsWanna Save Her That's Okay
She Been Lost And ConfusedWanna Found Out How We Living
Girl Just Step In These ShoesSay I Broke Her HeartI Really Found No Cuts
And No Bruise (AYE)So What The Fuck I’ma DoThe Best Advise It Come From Me
So Many OpportunitiesI See On All Occasion, Dead Or Gone
You Best Believe In MeContemplating, No Explaining
Ain’t Nobody Else BelieveI’m Regaining, What They Draining
Wanna Steal The RecipeWhen I Start A Company
Big Weight, Big PlatesIf I Make It Lucky
And One Day, They Discover Me(Honestly)
I’ll Give It All For The Family(You Gotta See)
Ion Want No Apologizes(And I Agree)They Wanna Put Me
6 Feet UnderSee That Water DeepStack That Shit For My OG
And Who Else Putting In
I Sit Back And I Relax
I Never Sleep, Bitch I’ma Early BirdTurning 23, Now Look At Me
They Want Me On A Verse(Run It Up)
Black Lives Matter
I Wear All BlackCome Get Up With MeWrote It On My Sleeve
What You Call ThatI’m Maxamilli
Nobody Get Me
See That Won't LastI Need A Milli
Or 50 Give Me A (BIG BAG)See If We Go To The Club
Is You Gon Leave Tonight
(WHAT)It Ain’t No Snitch In My Blood
You Better Get It RightBitch Now I’m Loosing Yo Trust
And You Won't Get It Back
(BITCH) A Dirty Ass Clip
With A Dirty Ass PoleDirty Ass Bitch
With A Dirty Ass (SOUL)Is You With Me
Or Against Me (UHH)Tell Me If You Loose
Yo Paper Or Yo Glizzy (UHH)
I Was Lost In The (WIND)
With My Desire To WinI Go (Above And Beyond)
It (Really Was Hard)
(Emotionally Scared)
They Taking What’s Ours(Preventing My Bars)(What Was The Cost)
I’m Finding The Sauce
(My Feelings Is Lost)
Stop Pissing Me OffSee What Does It Cost
(Don't Give A Fuck)A Couple Niggas Letting One OffWho Gon Pick Him Up
I See He Breathing Deep With A CoughShe Asking For A Piece
I Need A Piece Of MindI’m On I’m Really Focus
Mixtape Coming Fully LoadedIt Ain’t No Sugar Coating
(AYE) (YEAH)I Hope You Really Notice
With A Dirty Ass Clip
Bitch A Dirty Ass PoleDirty Ass Bitch
With A Dirty Ass (SOUL)Is You With Me
Or Against Me (UHH)Tell Me If You Loose
Yo Paper Or Yo Glizzy (UHH)
(AYE) Man Don’t Let Nobody
Take Yo Passion AwayStay Solid Stay HumbleMy Time Coming Stay Up
Stay Woke Nigga

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