In Our Hands lyrics

Verse 1
You pull out a shoebox from your closet filled with things from your past
You've got trinkets, movie tickets, pictures, a gold ring, and an old broken watch
You see your life as it's frozen in time ways that it was years before
With the moments, memories we shared, and how you never settled the score

We had it all until you gave it away
Now all of our trouble remains

Verse 2
Now we're all the same, not in an outward way but we're just living
And we've all had darker days, I learn to lighten thеm up just by giving
We're still standing in the bottom of a barrеl with nothing for us to do but look up
We've got our cups half full but all we wish to do is fill them up, oh

We want it all but then we gave it away
Now all of trouble remains

Verse 3
There's a strength I can't define
It's when I fall by your side
Now those chains that were holding us down
Would never break out, we never made a sound

Oh, if you only knew
It's in our hands

Markus Robins – In Our Hands

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