Mind lyrics

A divine light dives
An energy for the wine
The river pulses down
I will leave now Tell me who I am
Quivering into the flame
I'm dreaming of the ocean
And everything is making sense
Show me who you are
How to look up to the stars
The sky is an illusion
So much more to understandI leave it all behind me
I’m leaving to grow again
The present faces the center
Time opеns to let me entеrThe journey begins
By this gift I'm given
Beams of light, through my flesh
Revealing my inner selfGive me eyes to see
Give me a mind to feel
Give me the time to reach inside
And bleed out this unknown reality
Into the dreamClose your eyes
Eyes inside
Inside out
Out of mindSacred mystery
On the road, there are keysIs it all I am?
Am I just an empty shell?
If pain is an illusion
Why am I aching so much?
Is it all we are?
Have our visions gone too far?
Into the line of disconnection
We end up returning to dustCrucial path
Spread into faces
Fragments left
To its own devicesThrown carefully
To an unknown destiny
I am a shooting star
Inside a flesh golemFlowing energy
Uncontrollable divinity
Precious jewelry
Undeniable activityOutbound mind
Receding sea
Fading time
Essence revealed
Simple things and shiny thoughts
Lighting up my way back homeThis is all I am
I am just the medium
This pain is information
Changing me, for better or worse
This is all we are
Visions are gone for the stars
Into the light of imperfection
We end up returning to dust

Mantra – Mind

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