A sacred wave makes me cry
In the matter, in the time
Through the flesh and my eyes
I will live now The ocean is all I know
All I’ve ever felt before
It all begins with a wave
Ebbing on the velvet shoreThe flesh wraps round my bones
The light shows through my eyelids
Untied from my mother’s love
I’m becoming a waking mindHere I am, unveiling the mysteries
And the beauty
Of this dream I'm born in
Immensity, spiralling galaxy
Growing out of itself, just like meTell me who I am
Quivering into the flame
I’m dreaming of the ocean
And everything is making sense
Show me who you are
How to look up to the stars
The sky is an illusion
So much more to understand
Gravity, sacred mystery
Atoms holding me tight
In the reassuring arms of lightGravity, sacred mystery
Atoms holding me tightThis body, this entity
Is all I'm given this time
Gravity, electricity
Atoms holding you tight
In the reassuring arms of lightGravity, toxicity
Blind to the higher destiny
You're body's been promisedClose your eyes
Eyes inside
Inside out
Out of mindSacred mystery
On the road, there are keysIs it all I am?
Am I just an empty shell?
If pain is an illusion
Why am I aching so much?
Is it all we are?
Have our visions gone too far?
Into the line of disconnection
We end up returning to dust
Close your eyes
Eyes inside
Inside out
Out of mind
Mind up closeClose your eyes inside
Despite the feeling of eternity
A strong body is as fragile as a
Am I more than the child I used to
If I fall off the edge of this canopy
Off the roof of my world
Nothing can save me
I fall!
Wind, noise in my ears
My body dives into the sky
Immersed into matter in the endFlowing energy
Uncontrollable divinity
Precious jewelry
Undeniable activityI reach the first state of death
Roots wrapping around my bones
Turning them into flowers
My body will not be my grave
I am a passenger
A mind dressed up in flesh
My body used to eat bodies
I finally die to feed others
I’m gone
After the journey
What will remain
Of my past individual?
I've become a wave
Traveling throughout
The universeMy body has suffered
The passing of time
Scars, wrinkles, fractures
But a new spark has appeared
My body was a jewel case
I shed my mind inside
Like a grailThis is all I am
I am just the medium
This pain is information
Changing me, for better or worse
This is all we are
Visions are gone for the stars
Into the light of imperfection
We end up returning to dust

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