I'm such a letdown
You say that I'm missing out and that if
I don't wanna change now
Maybe I should take it all as it is
Can't stop to think 'bout
How it's my fault; I deserve all of this
Hope I can look back on this
As just something that I did as a kid
Think I'ma black out
All of this pressure inside of my head
I don't wanna get out
Do I make it worse when I'm staying in bed?
It's so unfair how
Their expectations will change how I act
And I'd say I'm trying my best but I'm not really sure
Cuz nobody would say that I am And I'm already fucked so I don't see the point
If enduring this stress only makes it recoil
Cuz for seventeen years all I did was destroy
Can't recover from thatWake up, time to do it all over
Maybe it's supposеd to be like this
Long nights, acting like I fеll for her
I'm just tired of never feeling shit
Detached, feeling like a placeholder
I keep swallowing my sentences
Hate me; let's see if I can get lower
Waiting for everyone around to dip
Feels like there's nothing worth the shot
Maybe it's adolescent thoughts
Or maybe it's just the way I'm not
The same as I act behind my eyelids
Maybe it's just hallucination
Maybe it's just sleep deprivation
All of these subtle alterations don't do shit

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