It’s the hardest at night
I can’t help but think of him
And I think of what could’ve been I remember our first day
‘member that old park bench
And the rain on us again at night[Bridge]
I remember your face and every single detail
I remember you
Oh maybe, maybe I was blind
To how we seemed to slowly just fall apart[Verse]
It’s the hardest at night
You were The Boss of my heart
Pulling strings right from the startBaby it’s hard to forget
How we kissed under the trees
And how I felt when it was just you and me[Bridge]
I remеmber the days you said you loved mе
I remember yesterday
And when it over, I didn’t know just what to do
It was, a weird experience to recover from me and you
It’s the hardest at night
Ooh, OohIt’s the hardest at night
Ahh, Ahh[Bridge]
Now you say you found somebody new
And really, I wish you the best
And truly, I hope you’re happy now
Because, I really for a long long while[Verse]
It’s the hardest at night
The memories
Come back to meIt’s the hardest at night
The memories
Of you and me

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