Oh, for fuck's sake
Please call me back when you can [Verse 1]
Oh baby, we haven’t talked in a week
Is it anything to do with me?
I just wanna know what's happening
Cuz I'm worried about you, oh baby please[Pre-Chorus]
Tell me what's up with you now
Tell me what's wrong, I just wanna know[Chorus]
(Baby, I miss you)
Now that you’re out my reach
(Baby, I miss you)
We were going perfectly[Verse 2]
Well well
Finally, you answered my call
"I'm not mad" I say, "I just wanna know"
You say "I’m sorry, but I fell out of love"
"So, I tried to disappear from your heart"
Well, here I was thinking we were so well
Wеll, here I saw it’s just not true at all[Chorus]
(Baby, I miss you)
But you fеll out of love
(Baby, I miss you)
But we ran out of luck
(Baby, I miss you)
I still feel it for you
(Baby, I miss you)
But you say it’s not true[Verse 3]
Baby, now it's the end
I spent nights and nights thinking ‘bout what has been
I looked through the photos of us
I remember that sweet smile of yours[End]
It'll take me time but I'll get over you
It'll take me time but I'll get over you

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