(Hi, I'm from Korea, oh)
Yeah, huh [Chorus]
See this in 3D, all lights out for me
All lights out for me, lightning strikes the beach
Eighty degrees, warm it up for me
Finally free, found the God in me
And I want you to see, I can walk on water
Thousand miles from shore, I can float on the water
Father, hold me close, don't let me drown
I know You won't[Bridge]
(Yeah, thank you)
Oh-oh, I know You won't, I know You won't
I know You won't, oh, oh, oh
All lights out
I know You won't, I know that You look over us
'Til we sound aslee-ee-ee-ee-eep
Bring down the rain, yeah, oh[Verse]
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm, everybody so judgemental
Everybody so judgemental, everybody so judgemental
Everybody hurts (Everybody hurts), but I don't judge rentals (But I don't judge rentals)
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm (De novo), it was all so simple (It was all so simple)[Chorus]
I see you in 3D, the dawn is bright for me
No more dark for me, I know You're watching me
Eighty degrees, burning up the leaves
Finally, I'm free, finally, I'm free
As I go out to sea, I can walk on water
Won't you shine Your light? Demons stuck on my shoulder
Father, hold me close, don't let me drown
I know You won't

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