I got nothing to say
Yeah, ok [Verse 1]
Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang
I'ma have to google that new slang
Aiming for the top of the food chain (woo!)
Suicide Squad, with a Bruce Wayne (uh)
Pump Netflix and I'm blue-ray
Bump my shit then you're too gay, uzi (what?)
I'ma get a shoelace tied around my neck till I'm blue, ey
Brain on the new waves (yah!)
Always loving the raw shit (yeah)
It is not about the profit (nah)
Not a wallet in my pocket
I'ma get a house and an office
Bars, my deposit
Nah, you don't wanna start shit
You are not a Martian
Just another talking, coffin (woo!)
Another pill poppin' impostor
I'm poppin' you possums
Then the beat pausin'
Then I leave it with that
It's not about mumble vs lyrical-rap
I tried to stay humble in the jungle of crap
But a lot of rappers on the edge of living or dead, yeah
I'm not religious, not Christian, not the bitch that is trippin' (nope)
But if they wanna glorify pills, head over heels, then I can fill what I've built with another vision
Are you a shepherd or sheep?
How many gotta go before we stepping up, please?
Take a look around, have you fallen asleep?
Awful things, but they don't wanna say a peep
Rest in peace, letting my depression get the best of me
Before going down the path of quick fix for a slick shit who's loyal to the riches
Not a big pic (uh!)
A mean picture, not tryna take a short route to diss ya
All I wanna do right now is sitcha
On a bus to the rehab and heal ya, I feel ya (uh)
I'm not a white knight, I got flaws, I could go on all night
I go to war without knowing the whole fight, don't give a fuck if I'm corny, it's alright
This ain't no circus act
People dying without purpose over Percocets
And now they lying and they tryna hide the surface sweat
I have no idea, what the fuck is a purple swag?
Doesn’t matter tho', so many rappers got a bladder full of Adderall
I am saddened, what a pattern, but ain't mad at all
But when I’m rapping you get what you give, we're not compatible
Yeah, I had something to say

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