[Chorus 1]
I wish I smoked cigarettes
Then maybe I'd have an excuse to sit here alone
And I wish I had a little girl
Then maybe I'd have an excuse to stay at home [Verse 1]
I'd take my daughter and
I'd move to a foreign country
Try not to learn the language at all
I'd tell her not to smoke like her father
Try and change her, but why even bother?
She'll push me away if she's like me at all[Chorus 2]
Yeah I wish I smokеd cigarettes
'Cause thеn no one would ask me why I stepped outside
And I wish I had a little girl
'Cause then someone would expect me to be a good guy[Verse 2]
I'd wake up early and
I'd take my daughter to Griffith Park
Play some Joni Mitchell songs in the car
And I hope that she wouldn't like them
Until she got a little bit older
And learned she inherited a heavy heart[Bridge]
And when she learned to speak
She'd ask me why I'm always smokin'
And I won't be able to tell her the truth
About the weight of just being alive
And there's so much comfort
In knowing that the devil's in your hand
And he's not in you head
Whispering, "You're not good enough"
And you're looking for him all the time[Chorus 3/Outro]
Yeah, I wish I could catch my breath
So I could talk about the things I see
And I hope that I grow old
So I can see my kid do better than me

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