Struung up, you're strong, foreign tongue
Don't say another word, I could never give back what you let go See it another way, see it another wayDraaw your strong black hair, my favorite drug
I guess your not aware, I could stay forever
Pounding thatSee it another way, close, see it another way, far
See it another way, long[Lyrics from: https:/]Loook up, as if I'm able to, come back again
From the floating world
You quietly controlSee it another way, close, See it another way, far
See it another way, longSoo you'll stay, eighteen minutes more
The spinnin room will grind to an end, afternoonHit the nipplegong, soft, hit the nipplegong, hard
Hit the nipplegong, shy, hit the nipplegong, why

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