[Intro: 3iliam]
Yeah, okay
Josh, turn it up! [Verse 1: 3iliam]
Spaceship, take off, straight to the moon
I was born to be a god, coming straight from the womb (Yeah)
Got tracks on tracks, ‘til you put me in a tomb (Uh, uh, uh)
Keep it runnin’, keep it runnin’, like duck-duck-goose (Duck-duck-goose)
Jab, then I move (Woo, woo)
Mike Tyson the booth (Woo)
Elbow in a mosh pit, man I might lose a tooth (Bow)
That 808 boom, leave a crack in the roof
Got a chainsaw with me, but I ain’t playing Doom
I won’t stop, ‘til I get myself a Testarossa (Testarossa)
I’ma test the roads, I’m doing fifty over
And I’m racing Cobras on my way to Boca (Okay)
I like to call it “professional hobby”
Start in my basement, end up in the lobby
I get all my homies to give out some copies
Then we hit the bus and we Tranzit, Zombies[Verse 2: Over the Classic]
Vroom, just like it’s Burnout
Feed for the need, for the speed when I turnout
Pedeal to the metal, nigga twisted metal
Clown on your ass, leave a nigga in the meadows
Say woo!
Fuck what you barring for
Fuck the situation, fuck who you calling for
Nigga I’m Kratos, I came for the God of War
Give you a run for you money like Johnny Boy, Johnny Boy (Woah!)
Bitch I’m a slayer like Halo
Send him a prayer, then give him a halo
Team-wipe your squad, then I head to the gallows
I am not one of your average fellows (Woah!)
Get it ‘til your mind right
Tell a motherfucker he ain’t livin’ in a lime light
Tell that motherfucker he ain’t fit in the time line
Tell that motherfucker he dont get it ‘til it’s my time, my time (Ha)
[Bridge: Stevie Bands]
What, what?
My bitch copped what? (My bitch copped what?)
Poppin' bitch what? (Uh)
Goin' against what? (Goin' against what?)
Boy don't touch my art
Please don't touch my art
This is Noah's Arc
In a boat getting far (Yeah, yeah)
West Side shit (West Side)
East Side shit (East Side)
North Side shit (North Side)
South Side shit (South Side)
Pop yo' shit (Pop yo' shit)
Pop yo' shit (Pop yo' shit)
Pop yo' shit (Pop yo' shit)[Verse 3: M-Legacy]
Poppin’ that shit at the enemy, kickin’ this beat like it’s Tekken and I’m Devil Jin
Best believe I always go for the win
I’m in Egypt the origin of assassins
And my creed comin’ at you like sonic boomin’
In the streets fightin’ off of the rage consumin’
Every meter to measure the goat from within
Ain’t no fear when I pick up the pen
And I got my metal gear, but I’ll shuriken that nigga
If he move out the way, I’ll hadouken that nigga
My payday is coming jus’ look at the figures
You’ve witnessed a deity take form (Yeah)
I’m with the gang and we lurk in the shadows
Bitch you finna witness a ninja storm
In the tomb like I’m Nathan Drake Uncharted territory, so we switchin’ the uniform
This a war zone, you can’t be too well informed
Call of duty, been answered since I was born
And I’m honestly not tryna’ toot my own horn, but you but better be ready to step to the plate
And my starter whip midnight club still up to date
On my GTA shit when I swerve through the city, where shit is ran gritty
Done made us an anthem
Don’t gotta be pretty, we keeping it witty u heard (Yessir)

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