[LYNXX'S 1ST VERSE] Lynxx over here, counting that money stack
It's just me and over, a tag team, no packs
All these weak mumble rappers rapping really whack
They think they're in a mansion, when really they're in a shack
The greatness level is very lack. Take a step back
You can't get on our level, that's why we got a plaque
You're easy to break, like Doritos, you'll be a snack
Just whenever you're talking trash, don't turn your back
If you make us mad, you'll get an attack
Even more worse, I'll fight you with a 10 Mac
Switch those last 2 words, I don't give a crap
Now it's time for Selling Over to spit back on the track[OVER'S 1ST VERSE]I'm selling over. Like a bulldozer
I'm growing faster. You're growing slower
You are left overs I am on posters
I am the roaster I am the owner
I am the champ holder
I'll make your career over
I will take over, and I will turn over
I will push over I will pass over
I've worked with the olders
I'm lucky like a clover
You're gonna spill over your bad exposure
Then you'll enclosure
I am the controller
Cause I'm sellin over![LYNXX'S 2ND VERSE]I'm blowing up the lines
I'm doing all sorts of crimes
This is gonna headline
I'm going high, airlines
I'll do anything you got assigned
While you watch from the sidelines
I'm doing all this rhymes
They're fire, you can't decline
I break the guidelines
This is all mines
Breaking your spines
Got spikes like a porcupine

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