[intro: g.frm260 & lx$tdawnn]
Gang, gang, gang, gang
Aye, aye, aye
You know
G money in this bitch, nigga
B eezy in this bitch, nigga
You know, lx$tdawnn in this bitch, nigga
(yeah, hold on nigga)
Word [pre-verse: lx$tdawnn]
Yeah, yeah
Ok like tell that pussy nigga to come walk all on my block
I don’t give a fuck, i’m stomping on your grave when you gon’ die
Bitch i’m finna take your shawty and i’m finna make her mine
Rob a nigga off his shoes
Take a pic and then i smile[verse: lx$tdawnn]
Niggas think that i be pussy cause i made a couple sad songs
We not gonna shoot, we gonna fight
Put the gun down
Triple homicide, niggas dying till the sun down
She think i’m a menace, told lil shawty “better calm down”
Just like ichigo, lil bitch i.. got that bankai
We gon mock that nigga ‘cause we know he not gon’ do shit
Ride around the city with that choppa and that blue strip
Why these niggas tryna make me mad, they on goof shit
I been counting all these fuckin’ figures
Bitch i’m going dumb
Shoutout to lil brodie with the sticky
Yeah, he never lack
All these niggas lame and they goofy
All they do is cap
Pussy nigga tryna fuck with me, that lil boy gon be dead
Yeah that lil boy gon be dead
All up in the ground, he ain’t finna take no meds
Niggas call me dawnn, bitch i’m fucking with your mom
We gon pull a danny phantom
Bitch you know we keep that bomb[verse: g.frm260]
I’mma drop a nigga, had to put him on the news
At his funeral, he gon’ get a lot of fuckin’ views
If i see his sister cry, i’mma smack that bitch too
Rest in piss, fuck that bitch, i’mma kiss his momma too
Me and beezy in the cut, you know we slide with the gang
Always on demon time, half them niggas cannot hang
I ain’t no lame, i’mma go out with a bang
Fuck these niggas talking ‘bout?
I don’t care what they say
Pussy nigga ‘round the corner, chewing on them bottle caps
Keep on playing with the gang, get your lil ass wacked
Keep on talking all that shit, but we smoking on that thrax
Nigga say, “i’m not a pussy”
“then why the fuck you acting wack?”
I ain’t got no friends like vlone, boy they stabbed me in the back
Getting to this cheddar cheese while y’all sitting on y’all ass
Drinking on this sippy cup, lil nigga get a bag
Lx$tdawnn, he don’t play
Play with him, you get attacked
I don’t fuck with these lil bitches, they be snitching on my bro’s
I drop the top up in the block
That’s why i stop walking these hoes
I got the Glock
I shoot my shot and then i pop one of these hoes
Me and gang, that’s wassup
I do not trust one of these hoes[outro: lx$tdawnn]
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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