What you tryna do tonight?
Tryna slide through tonight?
Tryna spend some time with you tonight
Coming through tonight
I just wanna be with you tonight
Enjoy the view tonight
What you tryna do tonight?
Wanna be with you tonight? Verse:
Going dumb, going stupid
Took too many shots now I’m too lit
Can’t lie. Girl I’m on your body
Aiming for your heart like Cupid
Special to me, you better remember
I could never trade you for a new bitch
Pick you up, what you want for dinner?
(Fuck it)
Have you ever been to Ruth Chris?
*beat switch*You been thuggin’ with me baby since we started
You been loyal, so I fuck with you regardless
Feelings for you, know I’m not heartless
Turn that lil’ Yota to a Rari
Got them bands on me
(What that mean?)
I could throw a couple racks on your mortgage
You confide in me, that’s important
You can tell me how you feeling, I’m supportive
Bad bitches on me but I ignore ‘em
Can’t go long without you, that shit be boring
Give no fuck ‘bout your ex man
I outperform him
You off on the weekend?
Let’s go to Portland
It ain’t nothing when you know I can afford it
Love the mountains & love staying in the forest
50mm lens for your portrait
Love the view with you because that shit is gorgeous
(Love the view with you because that shit is gorgeous)
Things that I do for you…
Things that I do for you…
Things that I do for you…

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