Glitter hearts lyrics

Glitter hearts on your iPhone
Text me when you're all alone
I wanna be your something special
Overdose on me like fentanyl
Your tiny glitter heart in my locket
Too many pills I gotta stop it
And I need your love yeah I need it now
Off the D9 but I'm coming down [poorshame]
And I'm texting you at 3am
And I wanna love you until the end
But I can't help it cause I love you so much
And your faint words will always be my crutch
And I want your love and I want it so bad
And I'll hold you close so I never feel sad
But I want to hug you will you be my love
And because of you sometimes I cut
But I want you in my life
It'll make mе bleed I'll post it online
For you to see I'm in all this pain
For you to see that I'm going insane
But I want to live a lifе with you
But I don't want to waste my youth
But I don't wanna continue
To live in fear of always losing you
Send me all your love
See you but I can't touch
Call me your one and only
Glitter hearts matching and they're moving slowly
So call me by my name
These drugs all feel the same
I know I've been a jerk
But I swear we can make it work

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