Yellow Brick Road lyrics

*(two dope fiends talking)* (whistle)Hahahaha*Eh, eh, eh, yo mama got a long ass throat, when she drink milk, by the
Time it get to her stomach it's spoiled... ahaha!!**Where you get that cream from man??**The Ice Cream Man, man, that nigga ain't no mutha fuckin joke.**Hold on, hold on, close the blinds, cuz, cuz the neighbors are lookin.**What?? Nigga lets get busy man, I'm ready to hit this big shit man, you
Know what I'm sayin, this is big, big....**Get that kid outta here!!**Whoa!! The kids!! Man get the kids outta here.**Close the door, cuz they gonna tell on us.**Eh I'm blazin this up fo tha Ice Cream Man nigga!!*Uh, uh, uh
YeahChorus *(Yukmouth)* x2It's the Ice Cream Man
BITCH don't you hear the music??

(Dope king, dope king.)
I got the shit fiends holla if you wanna use it!!Verse 1 *(Yukmouth)*This shit is to be to let go
So welcome to the ghetto
Got no love from my moms an pops had to creep an caulk heat wit my
Niggas from the Big O
Always down to scuffle
Had the hustle from the get go
An didn't no.... body, give a fuck about Jerold
Not when I had hella dirt an lint in my dried up ass curl
Hit the dice game
Hurled off the night train
So hang that four-fifth at my brain
If you want me to do the right thang
Ever since my eyes open
I musta really sell dope in
The 6-9 Village of East Oakland
My dad would come back
But that fool vamp
Now my mama spend the checks on woozy's an the food stamps
That's why my ass was pumpin gas
An shootin craps
So I can make me some rootin-tootin scratch
No dap from the school hoes
Now why did I cut school
Fuck school
Cuz me didn't have no school clothes
I had to go
Hook up, a book up
Now I'm a crook up
On the late night posted
Slangin cakes like Hostess
Sumpthin ferocious
Mo candy than Reese Pieces
Fo human species
That wanna swap fo T.V.'s an V.C.'s
I'm ready
Like Heav D, nuttin but love fo ya
Fedi dubbs fo ya
The only nigga would glove fo ya
It's me
The Ice Creamery
So weasle down the Yellow Brick Road while I fold the greenery*(Chours)* x2Verse 2 *(Knumskull)*You wonder why I became the Ice Cream Man
Cuz I knocked straight hands
But niggas on my block didn't understand
That I was born to be a factor
If roses what I play, to get paid
Then don't fade
But first give a nigga props
Fo ditchin cops
I couldn't work
So I knew a nigga couldn't stop
Slangin mo yay than the next man
If I come up, don't get mad
Juss give a pound an let the best stand
Cuz I done tried gettin twenty off a note
I been there, slangin fo the next nigga still broke
He flippin shit, but you ain't
You fuck around an crumble
Then you come up short on yo bundle
An plus the dope fiends be gafflin
Rolled out all yo scratch
You broke, so you whips up a dangle batch
To get enough to cop a zip
I'm stackin up my grip
Got my .380 out so I don't slip
I need some real folks to come up
Niggas wit some guts
Plots an set up shop, wit Dru an Yuk
My lick mates
100 percent hustlaz
Games an heists
Quick to lick a niggas house on bikes
Twice the game, bigga the endin
Endin rules
Much shit, an tucked tens is what I'm sendin fools
I goes through all shit
To lick a ball bitch
To law shit
Then I'm off wit the Lootchie
My game is ready to be sold
I got my stripes fo followin the Yellow Brick Road*(Chorus)* x2Verse 3 *(Yukmouth)*Now I'm the Ice Cream Man
Don't you see the man sittin on gold ones
Dishin off half, zips, an whole ones
No one
Could stop the Operation Stackola
A black soldier slangin crack only fo scratchola
I told ya
I do it to fold ya
Straight over nighter
Then flag the driver down wit my flash lighter
"He speak please g, please don't say no to me, fo the cream, I dream, I
Fiend like Jodeci!"
Notice he had a G ready to spend it
Got my shit so I won't get apprehended
Once again it's on
I gets my bail on
Weasle down the Yellow Brick Road wit hoes an my mail onVerse 4 *(Knumskull)*I chops cream
Seems like the whole block is holdin now
Broke my triple beam, cuz the whole scene is rollin now
Hope I can get to break it down an hold thangs, wit my luck
Num an Yuk, wit gold thangs on the ice cream truck
Nut up wit nuthins
Stroll down the Yellow Brick Road
Quick to lick fo some paper to fold
Stole my whole load
What you want a nigga to get hurt fo??
My operation don't include spendin on the turf ho, (biatch!)
The quickest nigga to finish
I cruise some
Can't be too dumb
Sewed up the block
Where you from??
So float on, an roll on, an understand
Easin down the roooaaad
It's the Ice Cream Man*(Chorus)*BIATCH!!

Luniz – Yellow Brick Road

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