[Announcer] Whether it is Odysseus, King Arthur, or Luke Skywalker- The Hero is the one who responds to the call…
Whether it is Odysseus, King Arthur, or Luke Skywalker- The Hero is the one who responds to the call...
The Hero is the one who responds to the call to adventure
[Interviewer] With you there is a get on your knees and go to work. I mean, those are a sort of instructions that make it seem like you're [?] during sex
[Luke] No, no, no
[Reporter] They're really crude, crass
[Reporter] Grade? marks follow the music industry for Spin magazine
[Attorney] This represents nothing more than three men trying to exploit the sexual conduct to make a buck. That’s all it is
[Interviewer] Uh, but I think would it be
Uh, but I think would it be inaccurate for you to say that you’re a businessman first?
[Luke] Oh, yeah, definitely, I mean, you know, just like you say
[Announcer] Between growing up, and growing old lies right, wrong, conviction, and belief
[Atticus] You don’t really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view
[Interviewer] Were you in business before you became famous?
[Luke] Uh, well, I used to go around doing high school dances and all, high school dances, parties, and all that little DJ setup
[Quote] And latch on to somebody and just sit there and guzzle the night away
[Attorney] We have to make a finding, in this case, that this is obscene. There was nothing subtle about this. There’s nothing left to the imagination of this 2 Live Crew performance. I’d like to hear a lawyer argue how this can have any social redeeming value
[Luke] It’s art. People like it. People go to the store and buy it. They’re entertained by it. You have to be entertained by art
[Reporter] We need to decide some things are more important to us than others. The politicians try to do it to get us to repeat the language that drive us to the questions that yield the vote for them. And when they succeed in doing that ultimately you begin to talk their language. What we finally come to is interesting. The effect of campaigns by election eve have the election sign “I’m not influenced by these ads”. And then they repeat the very language of the ads to explain their vote
[Luke] It’s art, you know
[Attorney] We’re not gonna play any more of this tape because the footage that follows graphically shows this woman engaged in sex with Luther Campbell. That part of the tape is vulgar and offensive
[Luke] Laughter
[Reporter] Luther Campbell may think it’s ok to shock in the name of art but the Japanese Government doesn’t think so
But the Japanese Government doesn’t think so
[Quote] What a wonderful power the machine gives you, uh, but, is it going to dominate you. The statement of what the need and want is must come from you, not from the machine, and not from the government that’s teaching you, or not even from the clergy
[?] OK, Kevin. Let’s stop it there
[Luke] I’m gonna take this home with me and I’m gonna play this to my dog

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