Cue DJ Red Alert
Uncle Red
Uncle Luke
Uncle Luke
Uncle Luke
Boy, I tell you, boy- see, that’s why I don’t like to show my dick. Because when I show my dick, everybody just goes to panicking! [Luke] Is my dick small? Hmm?
[Ho] Every time I see Luke he trying to get somebody to suck his dick
[Luke] Is my dick small?
[Ho] Every time I see him
[Ho 2] Last time I saw him…
[Luke] Is my dick- my dick small? Huh?
[Ho] No, the dick is not small-
[Luke] Ok, Thank you
[Ho] Luke does not have a small dick. The dick is- nice
[Luke] Ok- good I’ll take that
[Ho] It’s nice
[Luke] I’ll accept that can you run the track “The dick is nice”Stop looking down at my dick

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