Bloodline - (Tradução em Português)

Luke Hemmings



[Verse 1]
The walls are bleeding red
Blisters for the scars and the damage did
But my picture's hanging here
Didn't mean that much until it meant everything [Pre-Chorus]
And I know I'm so far gone
Your heart can't keep a vacancy for me
Oh, only you know how long you've got to go[Chorus]
There ain't no warning the first time
Ain't no one to tell you "Run, boy, run
Like I should've done"
Oh, and I can't fight the bloodline
Living in the seams back home
Oh, no[Verse 2]
How am I gonna know
If I'm never alone?
When I live in the numb
And all feeling is gone?[Verse 3]
I throw it all out the window
All out the window
Like it's all I'll еver be[Outro]
The halls arе closing in
If I knew from the start
Would it change a thing?

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