Told You lyrics

I am World class
I'm a pain in the ass
Enters the chimp with a lit match
And a bottle of gas
Thumbs grey with ash
And a bag of stamp, black
With resin on my hand

I infer myself from reactions of people around
Wake up from a lay in to a hard day
Of pacing the floor
Each door supposes a future self
Behind which, tell me, does history not eat itself alive?
I'm blind
Half blind
No, I'm not blind at all
It's not 'when will he learn'
But 'when will he act on it'
The mad cat just made off with the stash
Resculpting my tash
Just to hide the fact my cheeks are fat
I illuminate my poetry by phone light past midnight
Lighter fluid to blindside prying
History is for the winners
Evеn the fact that I would think that makes me sigh
Burn all my books litеrally the second that I die

I like my head with heads pinned
Count the days without sin
Start again tomorrow just to reach the fabled one
I really have been something else
In pursuit my highest self
The silver spoon worked its way clean out of my mouth
The townsfolk sharpen their pitchfork
Just to chase me out of town
I never get why my career couldn't start and stick around
I never understand when people actually like my songs
I never understand why we all just play along

There's a deity and a chimpanzee waging a war in me
Little do they know
My ambivalence just took the back door
My ambitions are pure
Or purely cos it felt good
But when it opens like a rosebud
I'm the first to say it's God

I still wake up with my soul sat like a crone on my oesophagus
That didn't stop me though
The verdict didn't change a thing
The doctor says I'm 'probably fine'
But I know sometimes I'm burning alive
Ambitions pure
Or purely cos I wanted to
Or sometimes just to see what happens when I do
Or sometimes just to test if the people who love me still would
Oh, my history's drenched through like a whore
I didn't have lives just to give myself to every one
But find myself fumbling at this one
Just for things to do
And in creation like Love or songs
The noise reached a fever pitch and I couldn't stop it if I tried
My parents are looking older
I hate the fucking television
But every screen's the same
Bah bah goes the train
I'm the centre of existence and I'm bound to the tube
I live in the recesses my ego abides
Man, it's as big as the moon
Remember I told you
Burn all my books literally the second that I die

Luke De-Sciscio – Told You

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