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What's the deal people?!
It's the Natural Disaster: T-Storm comin' at you with another hip-hop spotlight
Since the success of being a radio air personality from back in the day
And later goin' on to release his independent album
Ludacris has inspired other radio jocks to persue careers in Hip-Hop
Meet Rob Quarters, a 62-year-old air personality from WZZZ in Bus County Georgia
I was granted the opportunity to holla at Mr. Quarters about his upcoming album
And here's what he had to say[Rob Quarters]
People keep askin' "Why Rob Quarter, why Rob Quarter, 62-year-old muthafuckin' g?"
Wanna make an album, that's all
You know, I been, I've been thinking about doin' this shit since, you know, back when I was forty, so I figured "Hey fuck it. I'm a go ahead and just do the damn thing, just go ahead and do the damn thing."
So, here's the first single off my new album "Get Hard, Or Die Tryin'"
Ya'll feel that? Feel that nigga
It's called "Viagra Has Been Good To Me"
Now feel that fuckin' nigga!
Hey, ya'll holla back at a muthafucker and you know what I'm always sayin nigga:
If you can't earn no muthafuckin' cents, you better beg for the quarter

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