[Music plays in background] Man 1: Aye man, don't I know you from somewhere before?Man 2: Yeah, uhhMan 1: You went to Washington, didn't' you?Man 2: Uhh, yeah I did go to WashingtonMan 1: Your name's Will Beamen?Man 2: Yup, that's my nameMan 1: Yeah, Will Beamen, yeah man, what's goin' on folk?Man 2: Yeah, what's up man, you James right?Man 1 [James]: Yeah, James man, James...You remember me right? You used to beat me up and throw me down the stairs and shitMan 2 [Will Beamen]: Well you know that was funnyJames: You was on the wrestlin' and football team and yall ran train on my sisterWill Beamen: Well you know, uh, she had some good stuff yo
James: Aye man, aye aye man, watch yourselfWill Beamen: But it's all goodJames: So what you been doin' folk?Will Beamen: Just chillin', you know I got an internet business nowJames: Oh for real? What you doin', what you doin', oh you doin' them womenfolk, what it be, freaky hoz online?Will Beamen: Yeah you know how it is, www. uhhh...James: Aww shawty, shit, shawty I had a computer shop, I'd hit that shit upWill Beamen: YeahJames: Damn folk, so what else you been doin', you be flossin' that big Cartier watch man?Will Beamen: You know how I spend big moneyJames: Shit man, I feel you, you probably got that new SC too, don't you man?Will Beamen: Sc, well you know, it's parked in the backJames: I see that thang, it's sittin' on dem 20's, ain't it?
Will Beamen: You seen it? Yeah...James: Damn shawty, that shit nice man, I like thatWill Beamen: You like that?James: I like it folkWill Beamen: Yeah...So what you doin' wit yourself these days?James: Shit man, I got myself a little internet business myselfWilly Beamen: Oh yeah? What's that?James: *cocks gun* Robbin', muthafuckaWill Beamen: Ooh shit he's got a gun!!(Crowd screaming in background)

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