[Intro: Snoop Dogg & Q-Tip]
I put it down for the L.B.C
I put it down for a place called Queens
You know I represent the 213
I hold it down for the big city
I keep it gangsta for all my young g's
All the P-Y-T's with they own car keys
I put it down for all the ladies
It's all about you [Verse 1: Raphael Saadiq]
I tried to look the other way the day you passed me by
I saw you holding Q-Tip's hand and girl I damn near died
The way you hold that cosmo, just fits you to a tee
But I just wish that you was sitting right here next to me
I wonder what was on God's mind the day that he made you
I know he wrote a new commandment after he was through
But every time I see you, I find something new
But I just gotta have you[Chorus: Raphael Saadiq]
I really want you
I just gotta have you[Verse 2: Raphael Saadiq]
Me and nephew Snoop was eating at the serving spoon
And my partner Skinny Black was sitting with us too
And all of a sudden, your body was in sight
I couldn't finish breakfast, now something just ain't right
Now Snoop was looking like, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
I said I know you understand, you've been through a few
But this one was special, special to me
Is it my imagination killing me?
All I ever want is you
I just gotta have you
Now all I really want is you[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
I can't fake it no more
I can't take it no more
I need you in my life fo' sho
My wife fo' sho
No turnin' back, it's on and crackin'
Pure satisfaction, girls that's what's happenin'[Verse 4: Q-Tip]
I appropriate game, you know my name
Abstract hits when them bad times flip
A man need a lady no matter the kind
A diamond shinning like you, you know it's hard to find[Verse 5: Snoop Dogg]
Time brings change, and change brings time
My nephew wants you cause you so fine[Verse 6: Q-Tip]
A woman choose a man is a real motif
Make a choice cause me and Ray, we never had beef
Me and Snoop we go hard, real macaronis
Why you think that we want to have a ceremony
Snoop Dogg...
[Verse 7: Snoop Dogg]
There's something special 'bout you baby boo
I need to know right here right now what you really wanna do[Chorus]

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