Transcription still in progress [Verse 1]
Sugar daddy, you have done me wrong
Sugar daddy, Lord, you done me wrong
You went away, babe, and you stayed so long[Verse 2]
You left me [daddy/standing], down on 6th and Grand
With suitcase [?], telegram in my hand
I could see everybody but my loving man[Verse 3]
I read that telegram, happy in my soul
It said "Come on, mama, bring my jelly roll"
You know it's [from him/brownskin], and worth its weight in gold[Verse 4]
You might catch a bird if you sprinkle salt on its tail
You can catch a man if you [?] through the mail
And you sure can hold him if he finds you're not for sale[Verse 5]
I was lucky at policy, all my numbers fall
Me and my man had an argument, Lord, and then we fought
I shot my sugar daddy, and then a train I caught

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