You wandered in upon the lake
And haven’t lost me yet
Said the turkey to the carving knife
You give just what you get At first your lovely summers day
You thought would never end
Said the bloodhound to the stacker day
I thought you were my friendI thought you were my friend
Glad to know you
In my way of welcome
Please to meet youWe laugh and cry as lovers will
And howled at many moons
Said the waiter as he wrote the bill
Please return thе spoonsAs hand in hand we wander on
Through lights and wanderеrs maze
Said Robin Hood to little John
There must be other waysThere must be other ways
Good to know you
The way up standing welcome
Please to meet you
Please to meet you
We’ll rest in peace
And doctors told that their main pressures hell
Said knife and fork to sausage roll
Lets make it in the middleAnd then such things come rain and shine
In patience then in fools
Said the pike upon the anglers line
I wish that I could talkI wish that I could suck
Good to know you
And you’re very welcome
Pleased to meet youI wish that I could suck
A wake-up swigging welcome
Pleased to meet you

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