[Verse 1]
I left the ranch early
Had some business in town
And out to the west, it was looking like rain
I was out in the outskirts, covering ground
And the clouds opened up, and the downpour came [Verse 2]
I took shelter in a church, just inside the door
Stood there, in the reverent quiet
When I heard the voice of a man, speaking low
Kneeling up near the front in the half fading light
He said, "Lord, it's been awhile since I've been in your house."
"I've lived by the gun, and I've broken your laws."
"I've earned myself the name Gunslinger, faced a dozen men."
"And beat 'em all, each one was just another notch on the handle of a gun."
"Another black mark against my soul, now I'm weary of it all."
"But I can't run, I'm doomed to play this gunslinger role."
"There's another young kid that I'm going to have to face."
"He wants the reputation killing me would bring."
"That's why I'm here lord, trying to clean the slate."
"And lord, here's what I'm offering."
"Today his draw will be lightning fast, and mine, well, it'll be a little bit slower."
"Forgive what you can of this gunslinger's past, 'cause I don't aim to sin anymore."[Verse 3]
The rain had stopped, so I slipped away
The man never knew I was there
He lay dead an hour later, beaten they say
But I'd heard, that gunslinger's prayer

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