[Verse 1]
I rode into a frightened town
I could feel it in the air
On the faces of the people was the blankness of despair
I ridden hard to reach this town
I thought that it might be
A place where I could settle down
Where no-one knew of me
I rode by the nervous townsfolk who were standing in the sun
I smiled at them, but in return they kept staring at my gun
The old familiar sickness kept churning up inside
Now they'd ask if it was true that thirteen men had died [Chorus]
(Frightened town, frightened town, frightened town, frightened town)[Verse 2]
First would come the curious, and then the would-be brave
To try for a reputation, or a senseless early grave
But no, these folks they welcomed me, like I was their old friend
Could be that here was peace at last, that I'd reached my journey's end
But hope died quickly as they spoke, I chilled in the sweltering sun
To them I wasn't friend or foe, just a fast and deadly gun
They wanted me to kill again, to save the town they said
I told them that I'd fight no more, too many men were dead
But even as I turned away, they came riding down the street
As bad a pair of gunman as a man would ever meet
I said "Dear lord please help this town, and those who soon will die."
But this was none of my concern, I watched them ride on by
(Frightened town, frightened town, frightened town, frightened town)[Verse 3]
I got a room and locked the door, and I fell asleep at last
Wondering if there was a lawman, hoping his gun was fast
Then I came to my feet with gun in hand to the sound of a six-gun's roar
There were frantic footsteps in the hall
And a pounding at my door
"If there's any mercy in your heart, please help us now!", they cried
"The sheriff's hurt, two men are down, a little child has died!"
Just one last time I'd have to fight, then I'd be one of them
I'd found a home, a home at last, I'd be like other men
My gun felt strange, my heart was light
As I faced them in the street
I even smiled as they went down, and lay dying at my feet
The blood was running from my wounds as I was sinking to the ground
But my newfound friends would care for me, you see I'd found my town[Chorus]
(Frightened town, frightened town, frightened town, frightened town)[Verse 4]
Before my wounds had time to heal, they all had lost their fear
I asked about my newfound friends, not-a-one of them came near
Then the spokesman came to me, he said
"Speaking for the town, we're grateful for the help you gave, we just don't want your kind around."
(Frightened town, frightened town, frightened town, frightened town)[Verse 5]
Then with a deeper wound inside than a bullet ever made
I rode away with a darker past
I even tried to pray
For faith was moving me again
As the blood-red sun went down
With a few more scars down a endless road
To another frightened town[Chorus]
(Frightened town, frightened town, frightened town)

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