The Lords Prayer lyrics

As I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord
I pray the Lord my
I pray the Lord my
I pray the Lord my soul to keep [Verse]
God bless my ex
God bless my next
God bless the snake wrapped around my little neck
God bless my eyelashes, make 'em grow long
And God bless my little figure, even though I'm strong
And God bless my mama, Lord, keep her in your hands
And God bless my dad even though he made me mad
Pride is one hell of an evil motherfucker
If only he needed me like I needed him when I was younger
And God bless the tears rolling down my fucking cheeks
My hands might be shaky, my face might be bleak
God helped me realise it's okay to be weak
God bless my little sister, sometimes she won't speak
God bless every day that I think of her and God bless every week
I'm tryna catch a flight with no layovers
God bless the plane and my seat
God bless this bread and the Vans up my feet
And God bless every soul I've met and souls I have yet to meet
God bless my new family
And the boy I love so badly
And God bless the day of the slightest chance I win a Grammy
And God bless my big dreams and the day I win a SAMA
And God bless the sunshine in my life, 10 years sober
God bless the days I do my nails with my nana
And God bless her husband and her angels and her trauma, oh
Lord of the truth
And I'm lord on the come up
I let God bless whatever touch my lips
Lord supper[Chorus]
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake, wake
I pray my words, my words are yours to take[Outro]
As I lay me down
As I lay me down
(I pray the Lord my soul to keep)Amen

lordkez – The Lords Prayer

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