Ayo it's Opto
Jericko I don't owe nobody an explanation for why I act the way I do
And I know lately, well I been acting distant too
And sometimes I come off, just a bit rude
But lemme explain, so I don't cause you further pain
I've always been the type person to stay in my own lane
And when I die, all my homies secrets going with me to the grave
Never realized how much God protected me
Even when I didn't act saved
See, when I was a kid I constantly hid
I'd watch TV, and instantly was teleported
To another dimension, that would calm the tension in my head
And by the age of 13 I wished that I was dead
And so the devil kept on trying
And every night I'm crying
My thoughts are causing riots
And suddenly God is silent
Or maybe I'm just not reading enough
My speakers are blasting for me to turn up
So I turned to the *DJ scratch*
And then I didn't even realize who I'd become
Had a dream I'd end up in handcuffs
In the bottom of a hole with no one to trust
So I spent a year by myself with just the man above
And He told me to write till I could love
I wrote "Moving Pictures"
Then came "the end"
And I realized the rough times in my life had made me tough
Now I hop in my car, hit the gas, till I feel a rush
The top down, speakers loud, I don't hear not a sound
I live in my head
Call it Overthinking Land
Constantly thinking of what was said
And my thoughts are like quick sand
If you don't exit fast enough, there goes that man
I don't write these song so you can understand me
I write so you can understand the grand plan si!
Expand the kingdom of God to all who breathe
One day they'll realize only by grace, I've been redeemed
Ooo Ooo Ooo
Real TalkI've been through it I can prove it that's real talk
I've been through it I can prove it that's real talk
Putting God in my step thats a real walk
I shine so bright need a sun block
Faith on 10 yeah it's on lock
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's on lock
And that's real talkReal talk
Lemme talk
Feel like Parris Chariz
Never knew I'd live a life like this
I got people who look up to me, talking adults and kids
I remember thinking I'd always live with this sin
But God stepped in and He forbid
That I would go about my biz
And live a life of "it is what is"
Cause if I'm not living for God
Then real talk I'm not living for sh-
Hold up, wait a sec!
I remember back in tenth grade I wanted to hold a tec
And end my regrets
But God said hold up, just wait to see what's up next
And as I lay half asleep on my bed
Something pushed me to pick up the pen
And all the pain wasn't there and I didn't want to be dead
And in that second all these songs filled my head
God says here's "Moving Pictures", go and get that bread
But I fumbled the bag cause of what?
Stupid sin
Just my luck
I'm searching
But I'm stuck
For something
For a buck
But I can't think clearly if I'm not winning
Real talk
I've been through it I can prove it that's real talk

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