Flashbacks lyrics

So there I was
Just minding my own business
I wasn’t thinking much
Just the usual I guess
And then- I was back
The screaming
That terrible, cursed screaming
All around
All around, all around
I asked them
“Can’t you hear it? Doesn’t it bother you so?”
“Go away, old man,” they all said
What are they missing?
Why can’t anyone else see the-And I was back
All around me
The screams
All around
I was back
To a place I had been…
A place…
I think…
I think- I think I had been there
Yes, many times before
In dreams
Yes, perhaps
Maybe not
And I was back
All around
All around
Surrounding now
The screams
Not just the screams of the victims, but the guilt ridden murderers as well
And myself as well
I could hear it
Pounding my ear drums
Not the first time- no
But one of many
But this this time
But this timeAnd I was back
I was back again
But this time
But this time it wasn’t a dream
The screams
The screams, all around
They were real this time
Not just figments of the hellish nightmares
That I had experienced
Long ago
Or maybe I hadn’t
And I was back
Or was I?
Maybe I had never been here to begin with
Maybe I was experiencing this for the first time
And if so, then what kind of merciful god would let this happen in-
What year is it?
It’s still ’39 right?
Maybe I had seen this before
Yes, in nightmares
But this time
This time
The screams
The hands
The claws
The burning corpses
Twisting, writhing, screaming, reaching out again
Looking for some sort of salvation
For God’s sake, somebody help themAnd then they were gone
The corpses
And everyone else too
“We’ve got to protect ourselves,” I said
“They’re coming! Can’t you see them, you blind fools!?
“Shut up, old man,” they would all shout back
“You fools! They’re just outside the city walls and you’re going to let them come in and kill us, and evicts us!”
John, please, you’ve got to listen
Please, help me
Lone Wolf Syndrome – Flashbacks

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