Nah nah nah
Aye, I don't want this shit
Find something different man
(Fi-, fi-, fi-) [Chorus]
Smokin' a pussy
No chimney or cigarette
Hop in a vette like a bitch from the six (six)
Riding the dick like a whip
She a cowgirl
Call it a sub but better than a six inch[Verse]
Call it an eight
Her age off the clock
I pull out my Glock like my cock when I'm rock
Hard, play this shit like a guitar
String with my pubic hairs, spittin' out bars
Like juvie, I tickle her booty
She actin' real moody but my life a movie
I feel like I'm Johnny
I part on with Charlie
A hard on, no Hardy
Like Tom but I party
Like T-Spoon when I move like I'm Boon
M-Kombat, I can't bat back
I'm like that, rap rapid
Like a Mac and the mag snatched
Keepin' it back whеn she throw back but that's that

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